The Calendarring, a ring with 365 diamonds

Capture your special moment in the Calendarring

What are the most special moments in your life? Mark your most memorable dates in this beautiful Calendarring.
Extraordinary. Personal. Unique.

The Calendarring in 1 minute (animation)

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Everlasting Moments

The Everlasting Moments collection consists of 18 carat, very elegant golden calendarrings. They are available in white gold, rose gold and yellow gold. Each ring consists of 365 diamonds, for each day of the year a diamond set in 12 rows.

The rings can be made unique for everyone. For example, you can choose a special date that will be used with a special diamond in a different color. This way you can immortalize your most special and personal Everlasting Moment.

INSTORE Design Awards 2022

We are proud to announce that we won an award with the Calendarring at the annual INSTORE Design Awards 2022 in America. Alice Sunderland was the only European finalist to receive a first prize in the “Personalized Jewelry” category.
The INSTORE Design Awards are an authority within the jewelry industry when it comes to the best and most innovative jewelry. It is one of the largest design competitions for jewelry designers within the industry.
Jewelry designers from all around the world sent in their most innovative, impressive jewelry designs, which they consider to be a great representative of their brand.


The Calendarring Collection

What are the most special moments in your life? Capture your most memorable dates in this beautiful calendarring.

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Alice Sunderland

As a jewelry designer I have designed many jewels for special moments. This inspired me to design a ring that allows you to capture your own special moment. That’s how the calendarring was born. A ring with 365 diamonds, for every day of the year a diamond with on a specific day a colored diamond. Your own personal unique ring!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can different dates be captured in the calendarring?

Sure it can! Several days can be captured in the calendarring. If the wearer of the ring experiences a special moment after the purchase, this moment can be immortalized in the ring. For example, when a second child is born.

Why do you work in 18 carat gold?

Quality is at the foundation of the Alice Sunderland brand. Many jewelry designers work in 14k, however solid 18k is the most durable form for making jewelry. We want you to have Alice Sunderland pieces you wear all the time and that are passed along through generations. We focus on giving you the best quality materials at an accessible price.

How do I find out the ring size?

There are several ways to find out the ring size. We have listed a number of handy ways in the Ring Size Indicator. You can download it via this link:

What is the delivery time of the calendarring?

Because the calendarring is a bespoke jewel, we basically work with a delivery time of 6 weeks. If timing is an issue, please contact us and we will do our best to work with you to meet your deadline.

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